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IFP6560 Ultra HD ViewBoard® 65" with technology InGlass


Interactive flat panel 4K 65"

  • Technology InGlass™ for increased accuracy
  • Fingerprint reader-certified, FIPS201
  • Multipoint 20 points
  • Two locations PC extension
  • ARM processor Quad-core embedded with 16 Gb of storage

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Set the 4 most commonly used functions as a shortcut. For example, shortcuts, Browser, ViewBoard® Cast, vBoard Annotation and Zoom Conference allows users to surf the Web, stream an image to the screen, write the content and participate in a video conference during the meetings.


Save it on Google Drive and OneDrive

Record any content on your cloud storage, including images, videos, Microsoft Office documents, and more. Even the screen images marked or paintings editable can be saved directly to Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Software whiteboard myViewBoard™

myViewBoard™ software is a whiteboard that is used on the ViewBoard. The intuitive design of writing with your fingers and wipe with the palm offers a user-friendly experience.

Software whiteboard myViewBoard™ : Drawing two pens

The software whiteboard myViewBoard™ supports writing to two pens with different colors and widths for the brainstorming group.

Software whiteboard myViewBoard™ : convert the handwriting to object

Turn any written text into an object in the surrounding simply. The objects help you to keep track of your ideas moving, grouping and stacking.

Software whiteboard myViewBoard™ : provision of the provision

Pinch to zoom in and out when viewing key messages and use your finger to change the page in order to change the order of pages.

Software whiteboard myViewBoard™ : capture and distribute content via email and QR code

Made of the taking of photos of the meeting notes a thing of the past. myViewBoard™ provides participants with the opportunity to use e-mail or scan QR code to save the content of the meeting in a PDF file.

Software sharing content ViewBoard® Cast

ViewBoard® Cast is a content-sharing application for laptops and mobile devices which allows you to stream content in 1080p from a user's device to ViewBoard® wirelessly or via a wired network. Using ViewBoard Cast, guests can preview, manage, and split screens-sharing participants on ViewBoard® and disseminate the screen ViewBoard® to each participant.
*Compatible with devices based on Windows/Mac/Chrome/iOS/Android

Integrated myViewBoard™ EcoSystem – Your digital whiteboard in the cloud

Running on the operating system Windows 10, ViewSonic myViewBoard™ digital whiteboard in the cloud, which includes models of subject advanced multimedia support, a screen recording, and many other educational tools to be effective. It works on ViewBoard®, and mobile devices to merge the physical and virtual space with the touch technology on-site and on-line interactive.

Conferencing software Zoom

Zoom is a conferencing application that lets you stream content from devices of a user on ViewBoard® over the Internet. It supports multiple participants to stream content from their laptop or their smartphone.

To upgrade the software OTA

ViewBoard® scan to automatically check for software updates each time it is connected to the Internet. In a single click, users can update their versions of the software ViewBoard®.

Toolbar, double-sided

The toolbar on the two sides provides shortcuts to navigate to the previous page, home page, myViewBoard™, the file explorer, the annotation for the pen, the screen capture, the projector, etc, The toolbar is hidden when you use ViewBoard® ; to reveal it, simply press the button on the side bar.

Toolbar duplex : screenshot

Take screenshots of the screen ViewBoard to save the key messages on the fly. Save it to the cloud storage to take it with you for a reference after your meeting.

Toolbar duplex : Spotlight

Interact with the participants using the projector function that helps to direct the eyes of users to particular points of interest. During sessions of questions and answers or during your presentation, Spotlight is a tool powerfully engaging.

Technology InGlassMC

Discover a touch more accurate ViewBoard® IFP7560/6560 via the technology InGlass™. Whether you use your finger or a stylus, the technology InGlass™ offers the experience of writing and drawing without offset for one or more simultaneous users.

Fingerprint high security

The system of biometric recognition integrated ViewBoard® is certified, FIPS201 and prevents unauthorized users to access your account while allowing you to connect easily, without having to enter your password.

USB SmartPort™

USB SmartPort™ allows the USB data transmission between the USB ports on the front of the ViewBoard® and USB ports of the PC plug-in, and laptops connected. This allows you to synchronize the USB connection between your devices quickly and easily without exchanging a USB drive.

Touch-20 points

ViewBoard® allows multiple users to annotate simultaneously on the screen thin, thus increasing engagement and encouraging group collaboration.

Touch-20 points

ViewBoard® allows multiple users to annotate simultaneously on the screen thin, thus increasing engagement and encouraging group collaboration.

Support-Box PC option

The media PC case in option allows users to mount a PC case, such as Chrome PC to the back of the ViewBoard®.

Support trolley option

In addition to being attached to the wall, ViewBoard® can be combined with our stand mobile cart for even more flexibility.

4K resolution with technology, Eye-Care

With a resolution four times higher than Full HD, the screen is Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 for ViewBoard® delivers breathtaking images. The entrance to DisplayPort 4K is also supported for external sources. The technology Flicker-Free and is a filter of blue light come standard to help to eliminate eye fatigue due to periods of viewing extended.

Front glass anti-scratch and anti-reflective

The screen 7H scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating offers a tactile experience sustainable and constant high quality.