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Creative Display Technologies

A Platform / software of Visual Learning


software designed for teachers to teach so that students learn the best.

A software for all teachers

Be inspired by a full range of applications to support any teaching style.

Learn to begin before the lesson

Prepare a lesson takes at least as much time as you teach it. With the right tools, teachers can create the support of the course ideal. Now, they can create multimedia courses from anywhere and share it with anyone.


Deliver your course without unexpected

The teacher can use the Whiteboard to schedule a lesson full multimedia according to their preferred way of teaching.

Import and edit easily

Import lessons or multimedia resources on Classroom to enable teachers to modify the content if necessary.

Lessons supported by video

Clips allows a preparation for advanced courses, according to a selection of more than 2 million videos organized and tailored to the needs of education.

Interactivity at your service

Originals contains a collection of varied educational resources ready to use to create interactive lessons.

An excellent teaching is based on clear communication

A lesson is much more than a presentation. The teacher must leave room for the unexpected. It means the ability to add media directly to reach students more easily, and share content at the speed of thought.

Enrich your lessons

Whiteboard combines the versatility of a table analog with immediate access to digital resources.

One to Several Classes

Teachers can now interact with students at a whole new level with Classroom and its platform for the dissemination of being integrated.

Videos at your Fingertips

Clips provides functions for searching and filtering easy to integrate learning video-assisted in any lesson.

From any device to any display

Teachers and students can broadcast their screen with Display with only a Web browser and an idea to share.

The commitment is the heart of effective learning

Learning is better together, so an effective teaching tool must include the students in each lesson. With the right tools, it is easy for the participants to interact with the lessons and classmates.

Group work in Shared Spaces

Students of all ages can come together around a Whiteboard to write, draw, and play together in learning environments optimized.

Best Education Together

Students can be grouped in Classroom regardless of their location, with easy access to resources and communication.

Quizzes and Activities Integrated

Teachers can access to existing activities or create new activities in Clips to improve or assess students ' understanding.

Participation in the Pocket Format

Companion is a powerful mobile application used to interact with multiple users in any lesson.