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Digital signage

- screens inside -

Le digital signage, également connu sous le nom de signalétique numérique, est une technologie de communication visuelle utilisée pour diffuser des informations, des messages publicitaires ou des contenus promotionnels sur des écrans numériques. Cette forme de communication dynamique utilise des écrans tels que des panneaux LED, des moniteurs LCD ou des écrans tactiles pour transmettre des informations de manière interactive et visuellement attractive.

L’objectif principal du digital signage est d’attirer l’attention du public cible, de diffuser des messages pertinents et de créer une expérience utilisateur immersive. Les applications du digital signage sont variées et peuvent être utilisées dans divers environnements tels que les magasins de détail, les centres commerciaux, les restaurants, les transports publics, les entreprises, les institutions éducatives et les événements.

Voici quelques-unes des caractéristiques et des avantages clés du digital signage :

  1. Dynamisme : Contrairement aux supports statiques tels que les affiches imprimées, le digital signage permet la diffusion de contenus dynamiques et interactifs, offrant ainsi une expérience plus engageante.

  2. Flexibilité : Les informations peuvent être mises à jour en temps réel, permettant une adaptation rapide aux changements de contexte, aux promotions en cours ou aux événements spéciaux.

  3. Gestion à distance : Les réseaux de digital signage peuvent être gérés à distance, ce qui facilite la mise à jour du contenu sur plusieurs écrans sans nécessiter une intervention physique sur chaque site.

  4. Personnalisation : Les contenus peuvent être adaptés en fonction du lieu, de l’heure de la journée, de la météo ou même du public présent, permettant une personnalisation plus poussée.

  5. Impact visuel : Les écrans lumineux et interactifs captent plus facilement l’attention du public, ce qui en fait un moyen efficace pour transmettre des messages publicitaires ou informatifs.

En résumé, le digital signage est une solution moderne et dynamique de communication visuelle qui offre une flexibilité, une personnalisation et un impact visuel accrus par rapport aux supports traditionnels. Il s’agit d’un outil puissant pour transmettre des informations de manière attrayante et interactive dans un large éventail d’environnements.

Available in different sizes for a wider variety of choices

digital signage : Ecran intérieur

First, the screens are available in small, medium-sized and ultra-wide, they provide a greater variety of choices depending on the environment and its use, in addition to their function as digital signage.

Flexible installation (portrait, landscape)


Second, in contrast to panels TV classic, the screens proposed by Ynova are stable. Their use may be vertical (without a flow of liquid crystals by gravity) so that they are arranged as a menu card, a billboard or according to your desires.

Long term use

digital signage : intérieur avec tv clasique

Unlike conventional TV (8 hours of daily use) they provide much longer life span and they can even be used up to 24 hours and throughout the week thanks to technology, Digital Signage, pick a playlist of the image to show.

*Panel life: 50,000 hours.
*Warranty period may vary by model.

Simple connection with various products

Digital signage belgique : écran intérieur connexion/câble

They can be connected to many other devices very easily.

*Inputs/outputs can be added or removed according to customer request.
*Inputs/outputs may differ by model.

Overwhelming scale and transmission effect of high resolution HD images 4 times sharper than full HD images

Digital signage belgique : écran intérieur résolution

The ultra high definition display colors clear and bright from a discount effective from the quality of the image.



Efficient promotion and realistic image updating thanks to Digital Signage technology which offers excellent readability

digital signage : Ecran intérieur 2

The information and contents have a perfect readability and efficient.

Multi-screen split mode available

Digital signage belgique : écran intérieur exemple carte

In addition, the multi-screen mode provides content or different messages both vertically and/or horizontally to manage with digital signage.

New Format, New Experience


Horizontal length in widescreen format (32:9) provides a new experience beyond the standard format.

Creation of various installations: Interior effect advertising

The message is not only broadcast by advertising. it also brings an interior effect which adapts according to the place where it is located.

it is possible to arrange it horizontally, vertically, in a column, etc.

A very wide angle of view

digital signage : Ecran intérieur disposition

Pour finir, il est possible d’avoir un panneau omnidirectionnel de 178° avec un angle de vue très large, les écrans proposés par Ynova offrent des images claires et lumineuses sans aucune distorsion de couleur.


YNOVA accompanies you in your transformation digitale. Contact us to receive a comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

- outdoor screens -

Automatic temperature control system for stable operation in outdoor environment

Digital signage: Ecran Extérieur

First of all, the screens are fitted to an intelligent control system that detects and automatically controls the temperature as well as a powerful system of internal air circulation, which ensure a stable operation for a period of 24 hours (despite a heat wave or a cold wave between -30°C and 50°C) ..

*The system of internal air circulation (Air-Looping system) is not an air conditioning system, it is very economical, without noise and minimizes the costs of use and maintenance

It provides accurate information via images are bright and clear in spite of a strong natural light .

Digital signage belgique : écran extérieur contre les reflets

Most importantly, the screens proposed by Ynova are equipped with a screen ultra-bright, whose brightness is between 3000nit and 5000nit and equipped with the latest technology in digital signage. This ensures excellent visibility even in an outdoor environment with direct sunlight. In addition, the application of the glass anti-reflection on the part before, minimizes the reflection of the external light to provide much clearer images to provide accurate information and promotional messages to customers.

Perfect protection against various external impacts

Digital signage: Ecran Extérieur protection

Our screens are safely protected against strong external impacts through the application of specially designed anti-vandal glass for the main screen. They are ideal for an outdoor environment because they are made in a very solid case that can maintain and protect all display performance (dust or humidity) for a long period of time.

*On the subject of technology, an anti-theft :

It is a special tempered glass that maximizes the durability of the product. It is made up of two pieces of tempered glass with a special UV bond and protects the screen against external shocks, positioning the LCD screen before ..



IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating


the outdoor screens offered by Ynova have an IP65 certificate which ensures full protection against dust or rain. So it works perfectly no matter the weather conditions.

What is the IP ? It is the index of protection. It means the degree of sealing for dust and water resistance.

(1st : level of protection against dust particles 2nd : the level of water resistance).

Flexible and easy to maintain screen


Our wall screens can display images either vertically or horizontally depending on the environment or content you want to use.

Adopting a design " front opening ", it is necessary to be maintained and operational.

*The location of a waterproof USB port also allows control of the control screen during operation or maintenance.

Touch screens for interactive communication


to digital signage technology, they also have a touch solution to an outdoor screen, it is possible to make the screen interactive for a two-way communication with customers rather than just providing information.


YNOVA accompanies you in your transformation digitale. Contact us to receive a comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

- screens for showcase -

Our screens deliver a clear and precise message despite direct sunlight

Digital signage: Ecran Vitrine

For a start, the screens proposed by Ynova ensure high visibility with max. 3000nit and a range of contrast is exceptional. Even exposed in the window, the light of the sun and the screen provide a clear and precise message to the

Realization of clear images without darkening even in warm environment.


Displays with digital signage technology can provide clear information without darkening even under direct sunlight.



Protection of the product against overheating

Digital signage belgique : écran extérieur protection chaleur

They are designed to automatically enter DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) mode whenever the temperature reaches a certain limit. They prevent damage from overheating caused by long-term use, or radiant heat.

Automatic brightness control according to the brightness where we are

To finish, they also prevent blindness by detecting the illumination of the environment and adjust the brightness of the screen automatically. In addition, they are low-power, and their life span is significantly higher than a conventional display.

ecran vitrine hyndai


YNOVA accompanies you in your transformation digitale. Contact us to receive a comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

- wall of pictures -

1.8mm ultra-thin frame focusing the client's vision without any disturbance


Reduced the size of the gap between each screen (49%)

Every image and video can be played in full screen.

This ultra thin 1.8mm frame brings a much more immersive experience as it minimizes the size of the edges between each screen.

Video content keeps increasing as it maximizes product display effects.



Homogeneous screens with the same luminance

Digital Signage : Ecran Vitrine lumière

Our displays minimize the color deviation between different devices (adjusting luminance and color temperature between displays) so that they display the same colors on a video wall.

Unified color with a Direct LED display and playable content for much sharper resolution


Long durability allows our screens to operate more reliably for various environments.

Plus, the premium image are free of afterimage or glow.

Mur d'écran


YNOVA accompanies you in your transformation digitale. Contact us to receive a comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

- Totem -

Various compositions of products according to the environment of its installation

Digital Signage : Ecran Totem

First of all, they are available in vertical, horizontal, transverse and double-sided versions so that they ensure a wide variety of choices depending on the service and the objectives of its environment.


Custom design adapted to your environment


Second, they can also be designed for corporate identity or store atmosphere for promotional effect.

Get the best advertising result with your own custom design.

*A separate process is needed for a change of design or specification.

Built-in speaker for efficient delivery of various content

Digital Signage : Ecran Totem avec son

Finally, the different models proposed by Ynova Ynova are equipped with two 10 W speakers to transmit different content more efficiently.


YNOVA accompanies you in your transformation digitale. Contact us to receive a comprehensive and tailored to your needs.