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You want to install a screen totem ?

Totem (LCD totem display showcase) : Your tool of communication and marketing

Totem LCD is one of the communication media in the most effective for all your marketing actions.
It allows you to promote your image and report all of your offers and promotions.
the marketing solution is dedicated to high-traffic areas, point-of-sale, exhibition halls, showrooms, shopping malls, and it can also be placed off-street.
This dynamic display easy to use includes computer programs, to provide you with personalized advertising

Custom design and
tailored to your environment

They can also be designed for the identity of a company or the atmosphere of a store for a promotional.

Get the best advertising result with your own custom design.

*A separate negotiation is required regarding a change in design or specification


The totem are usually installed for advertising, in malls, in any area open to the public (nightclubs, restaurants, cinemas, museums, etc) in short, in all the businesses wanting to advertise.

Unlike the giant screens, totems media are equipped with computers that manage the content. Then, you can easily install the software to the dissemination of information according to your schedule.

For the installation, YNOVA takes care of everything. 

Totem outside

There is also the totem outside, they are typically installed for advertising, in the street in front of the trade.

Unlike the totem classic, totem poles outside are equipped with protection screen more resistant, a dynamic screen more bright, protection, weather proof (IP65), and a resistance higher hot and cold.

A stylish look

View the most beautiful messages on the totem pole digital. The case gives the totem pole look elegant and modern.

A digital system perfect to use at the entrance of the stores, showrooms, lounges and in the hospitality industry.

Main features of a dynamic screen stand alone

SUSTAINABILITY — dynamic display totem is very robust, stainless steel case with a welded durable 2 mm

✔ SAFETY MATERIAL — cooling fan/air filtration, capacity monitoring/remote control

✔ COMPATIBILITY – very flexible on the media players or PCS, you can use whatever you want

✔PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT — high brightness, Full HD resolution, operating 24h/24 and 7d/7

✔ EASY ACCESS AND SERVICE – entrance door with key lock for security

✔ PREFERENCES ON MEASUREMENT – variety of options to measure, antenna WiFi, camera, card reader, NFC, printers and other devices on demand

✔ CUSTOM DESIGN They can also be designed for the identity of a company or the atmosphere of a store for a promotional.


YNOVA accompanies you in your transformation digitale. Contact us to receive a comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

stop sign-sidewalk digital

- Facile a transporter et a déplacer
- Construction élégante sans cadre
- Idéal pour les salles d’exposition, l’hôtellerie ...

Totem on battery

- Matériau métallique durable et panneau ultra HD
- Alimentation externe ou de l'alimentation par batterie
- Le compartiment de la batterie peut être verrouillé

stop sign-sidewalk digital

- Façade en verre trempé
- Acier de 8 mm
- Ventilateurs de refroidissement

Totem screen with fabric

- Tissu sur le devant et le dos
- Personnalisable
- Écran professionnel

Totem screen with fabric

- S’adapte parfaitement a l’écran
- Cadre élégant et moderne
- bonne stabilité, fixable au sol

Totem écran Slim

- Design fin
- Verre trempé contre le vandalisme
- Base lourde en acier de 8 mm

screen Totem Double Sided

- De deux côtés des écrans
- Synchronisez vos messages ou pas
- Protège complétement les écrans

Totem 4K

- Résolution 4K
- Écran directement intégré
- Tactile infrarouge 10 points

Outdoor Kiosk (Q)

- 65″ , 55″
- Tactile / Non tactile
- Double face / Une face

Outdoor Kiosk (H)

- 65″ 75″ 46″ 32″ 55″
- 2500nits / 3000nits
- Tactile / Non tactile
- Double face / Une face

screen Totem Outdoor 55"

- Résistant aux intempéries
- Boîtier de haute qualité
- Ventilateurs contre la surchauffe.