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1 – General All sales, supplies and services carried out by YNOVA BVBA, both in Belgium and abroad, regardless of the domain (hardware, software, design, and graphic....) are subject to the present general conditions of sale , which are strictly enforced. All other terms and conditions shall bind YNOVA SPRL only after written confirmation. The Client is supposed to have taken knowledge of these GTC prior to the conclusion of the contract.

2 – Products. The characteristics of the products and services presented on the site are indicative only. The custom-made products will be carried out on the basis of a specification proposed by the company "YNOVA SPRL" or provided by the Customer to the company "YNOVA BVBA" and accepted by it.

3 – Duration of validity of the tender sale. The price offers of the company "YNOVA SPRL" are valid for 15 days.

4 – Prices of products appearing on the website. The prices listed on the website are expressed in Euro and are exclusive of vat. They can be modified at any time and without notice. Each application will be the subject of an offer particular.

5 – Order – conditions of acceptance and execution orders will Only be confirmed in writing will be taken into consideration. The signature of the purchase order shall prevail to the head of Customer recognition of the knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale . Any provision of any purchase order to the contrary to these terms will be regarded as null and void, unless she has been the subject of a written agreement on the part of YNOVA BVBA. YNOVA SPRL reserves the right to refuse any order from a Customer with whom it has been or would be in dispute. Any order for equipment to be imported will not be accepted and executed only upon the satisfaction of the following payment terms : immediate payment to the order of a first deposit of 50% of the total amount of the offer INCLUDING the payment of a second deposit of 40% of the total amount of the offer of VAT as soon as the customer is informed of the entry of the material in YNOVA SPRL and the date of delivery and installation payment of the balance of 10% at delivery. However, the goods orders not dependent on the import will be accepted and acted upon fulfilment of the following conditions : a deposit of 15.% the total amount of the offer are inclusive of VAT at the time of ordering payment of a second deposit of 30% of the total amount of the offer (VAT included), 15 days before the date fixed for the delivery and installation payment of the balance upon delivery.

6 – Payment – late payment penalties on All of our invoices are payable in cash upon receipt, with no discount. Any invoice not paid within the prescribed period shall be, after a first warning remained unproductive, plus interest at the rate of 10% per annum from the due date until the date of full payment . Similarly, it will be subject to a penalty clause set at 15% where the amount of the invoice does not exceed 4000 €, 10%, when the amount of the invoice does not exceed 12 500 € , 7.5% when the amount of the invoice does not exceed 25 000 € and the lump sum of 2500 € for invoice in excess of 25 000 €

7 – Mode of delivery of All the supplies, irrespective of their mode of shipping, travel at the risk of the Customer. The Client shall also bear the risk of theft, loss, etc) until the time when the property is transferred. Delivery is normally at the registered office of the company " YNOVA SPRL ". On Customer's request and at its expense, the delivery will be made to the address specified by the Customer when placing the order. It will be made by the carrier chosen by the company " YNOVA SPRL ", except if another option is chosen by the Client and if this solution is mentioned in the purchase order is signed between the parties. It can only occur once the payment has been received in its entirety by the company " YNOVA SPRL ". It should be that the Customer is now mandatory during the delivery to allow a delivery in the best conditions possible.

8 – ownership and responsibility for The supplies shall remain the property of YNOVA SPRL until full payment is made, this even before they have been placed on the funds of the client, the theory of accession could not find in this case the field to apply. The transfer of ownership is made as of the date of payment in full. Until the day of the transfer of property, the customer shall not make a pledge on our supplies and undertakes to inform us immediately and, under penalty of damages and interest, of every entry in which they would be subject. YNOVA SPRL reserves the right to retain his or her institution of any provision ordered until full payment of previous orders.

9 – delivery Time The delivery and/or installation, for any command, given as information only, without warranty or guarantee, taking into account the complexity of the product, the place of manufacture of the material and the work load of YNOVA BVBA. Unless it has been stipulated and exceptionally expressly provided for otherwise, the liability of YNOVA BVBA cannot be held liable and punished for damages of any kind for any delay in the agreed time due to : a/ a fortuitous event or force majeure (b/ a fact or an event independent of the will of YNOVA BVBA or to the occurrence of which it is foreign c/ non-compliance by the customer of the terms of payment imposed by YNOVA SPRL agreed delivery periods shall run from the date of reception of the payment of the deposit as stipulated in article 5 of these terms and conditions. In case of delay in delivery of one of the aforementioned circumstances, the delivery time originally agreed will be extended by a length at least equal to the time lost as a result of the fact which has caused the delay. The customer shall bear, in addition, any expense that would result from this delay. It will, in such circumstances, be entitled to withdraw from the order to the extent that it agrees to compensate YNOVA SPRL costs.

10 – Mode of regulation. Payments will be made by bank transfer. Clients that do not have an account in Belgium will use the system IBAN for their payments, making use of the account number mentioned on the invoices of the company " YNOVA SPRL ". The expenses related to payments are the responsibility of the Customer.

11 – LICENSE AND WARRANTY –SOFTWARE PUBTV (media management) YNOVA SPRL allows the customer to use the software developed by YNOVA SPRL , in the course of his professional activities, and the number of positions for which the license has been acquired. The software may not be transferred, sold, assigned, leased, or rented to a third party without the prior written consent of YNOVA BVBA. The customer acquires only the right to use the software, to the exclusion of any right of ownership on the device or media that contains it.

12 – Disputes – applicable Law – jurisdiction In the event of a dispute, only the Courts of the judicial district of Charleroi are competent. For litigation in the courts of the cantonal, the Justice of the Peace of the First Canton of Charleroi will be solely responsible. The relations between the parties are governed exclusively by belgian law.