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Outdoor LED screen
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Exterior LED displays

LED screens are screens large format based on LED technology composés de plusieurs armoires capables de reproduire des images statiques ou n’importe quel format vidéo de manière transparente comme s’il s’agissait du grand moniteur d’un PC.


ecran led exterieur

✔ Fully modular design for assembly and repair easy

✔ Lightweight and end

✔ Design out wardrobe / Only need a simple frame to hold the modules, which can reduce a large installation cost

✔ Low noise fans

✔ Flexible on the size of the screen

✔ IP65 waterproof

What characteristics must have an outdoor LED screen ?

The special feature of the LED screens outside is that they are visible and functional in all exposure conditions and climate, even the most harsh.

The reproduced images can be viewed in daylight or in the dark, from sunrise to sunset, without glare, even in bright sunlight or at night.

Thanks to their versatility, they can reach great dimensions and cover entire buildings, built-in scaffolds), mounted on poles, roofs, walls.

Because of their size, they can be seen at great distances, such as from very close, thanks to a pitch or pixel distance, which can now be of 2.6 mm (no pixels are not visible within 3 meters).

These properties make video walls LED suitable for any type of usage : advertising, entertainment, communication, information, a revolution in the world of media.


The LED panels are generally installed for advertising, window or outdoors.  

In contrast to the totem poles, the giant screens must have a computer on which you install an application that is easy to take in hand for the broadcast media, we will explain to you how it works before or after installation. 

For the installation, YNOVA takes care of everything. 

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Installation of led walls

LED walls are generally installed for advertising, in malls, in any area open to the public (nightclubs, restaurants, cinemas, museums, etc) in short, in all the businesses wanting to advertise.

For the installation, YNOVA takes care of everything.