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Interactive screen


Écran interactif

At the heart of the collaboration, interactive displays ViewSonic ViewBoard offer interactive capabilities incredible, for the classrooms of the 21st century.

With touch screens, large screens, ViewBoard allow multiple users to write, edit and draw on the screen for dynamic presentations, and creative brainstorming sessions.


Écran interactif

If your conference room is in need of an interactive whiteboard, video conference, or both. The interactive screens ViewBoard offer collaborative modern solutions.

The interactive screens ViewBoard allow you to connect and securely collaborate like never before.

Software – myViewBoard your digital whiteboard

Software-digital whiteboard combines safety with the flexibility of the cloud and the annotation tools to improve the way your team connects and works.

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Solutions of meeting space

ViewBoard meeting spaces encourage teamwork and brainstorming by bringing absent colleagues at the workplace. They offer a flexible approach on getting the work done in a less formal environment.

Interactive learning

For courses and rich learning-oriented, our interactive displays ViewBoard encourage collaboration between students and teachers with instant polls, activities based on the game and software
sharing of content. We provide the tools you need to inspire students and make learning more fun.


Interactive whiteboards are generally installed for the communication, in schools or meeting rooms.

In contrast, classic table, BITS have a multitude of built-in tools, you can improve your way of communicating. 

The TBI may have a built-in computer in order to access all the features of Windows. 

For the installation, YNOVA takes care of everything. 

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