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Philips 55BDL9025L/00

Charm your audience

Communicate your message with a fantastic LED video wall. Thanks to a design all-in-one simple to deploy, high brightness and fittings perfect, these LED screens are the ideal solution for small to as large installations.

Charm your audience with LED screens finely pixelated fittings perfect

  • 55" (139 cm)
  • Direct View LED


Price exclusive of vat



SmartPower for energy saving

It is possible to pre-define and control the intensity of the backlight in order to save up to 50% energy, which is a substantial savings.

Designed for continuous operation, for optimal precision

Because the world is in a state of perpetual activity, our signage systems have been designed for use 24 h/24, 7 j/7 to provide an optimal accuracy in critical environments. Thanks to high-quality components that guarantee a superior quality, you can count on this range of models for total reliability and uninterrupted.

Ultra-high refresh rate

Thanks to their ultra-high refresh rate, LED screens Philips display content with ultra-crisp and regular. Even the live streaming of shows and sports events with a continuous action have an impeccable image, with little or no glitter.

LED TrueBlack for more contrast and distinctive colors

Thanks to their advanced technology, the LED TrueBlack Philips display excellent contrast and black levels are deep colors more uniform and come out better on the screen.

Easy Installation thanks to EasyInstall

The LED screens of Philips with EasyInstall are designed to simplify installation and maintenance. Featuring a sleek design, a 54-inch (137 cm), consistent with the resolutions of the more common, and with a uniform design, installation is a breeze. In addition, its long cycle service provides a continuous operation, even for the most demanding applications.

Video walls and fittings are perfect, thanks to screens without the frame

Optimized for maximum exposure, the LED video wall ZeroBezel is a high-end solution offering a scalability with ease, thanks to couplings perfect between the LED screens and allowing you to switch easily in Full HD resolution.

Cascade HDMI

Create a wall of digital video with an HDMI connection in cascade. You just need to connect the HDMI output to the HDMI input of another screen to create a video wall is breathtaking.

Integrated video controller

The integrated video controller makes useless the video controllers LED complementary.

Developed for the governed and retransmissions

The LED screens Philips are specially designed for the governed and retransmissions.

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1000 cd/m2


36 month