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Héra P8,10 Écran LED à film transparent d’intérieur

Écran LED à film transparent

With the characteristics of high transparency, invisible installation and high brightness, it is very good to help the brand image of the companies.


1. Bending arbitrary cut-off length arbitrary

2. Good light transmission, transparency of 45% to 90%

3. Thin and light : weight : 3.5 kg/㎡, thickness : 3-6 mm

4. Only needs a simple steel, which reduces the cost

5. Installation and maintenance fast

Directly pasted on the glass transparent or suspended installation


Event on stage, shopping mall, chain stores, museum of science, window, glass, building curtain wall glass, industry, rental, new, retail, etc

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Écran LED à film transparent

Ultra-light and ultra-thin, high-quality materials

No size limit, splicing unlimited

The rate of transparency high and no noise !

Directly pasted on the glass transparent or suspended installation


ProductC-Wind Transparent Flim LED Screen
Pixel pitch8mm, 10mm
Module size960mm*320mm*3~6mm
Weight and thickness3.5 kg/㎡
Dustproof rate≥96%
White balance brightness4500CD/㎡
Frame change frequency50Hz & 60Hz
Continuous working time≥72 hours
Refresh rate≥10000 Hz
Drive methodStatic
Max power consumption300~800W/㎡
Average power consumption100~400W/㎡
Working environment-10~+65 ℃/ 10~90 %HR
Cooling methodNatural heat dissipation principle, no fan and air conditioner
Certification3C, FCC, CE, RoHS, fire test report, etc