Case F9 for totem external digital

Case F9 to display digital outdoor


Perfect for all types of advertising, display, restaurant menus, or even promotions in stores, ...

  •  Sizes : 43" 46" 49" 50" 55" 65" 75"
  •  Color : Black / White
  •  Single-sided


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The use of totems digital

Models Totem outdoor F9, can be fixed to the floor from the inside of the cabinet, they are shock resistant with a chassis and stainless steel parts. 

The options of the totem pole outside F9 allow you to publish content that is extremely impressive, and play a very important role in the development of your brand.


  • Highest quality finishes
  • Easy access for maintenance

    from the back
  • Tempered glass painted ceramic 10 mm
  • Available for floor stands
  • Easy mounting of the monitor
  • Main frame aluminum

OPTIONS : Included Optional – On project – Not available

Couleur personnalisée

Color custom

Supports au sol

Media ground

Pieds de base

Feet basic

Screen touch

Distribution unit energy

Logo client

Media ground

Tempered glass

Fans for

Cover lockable

Image boitier du totem (démonté)

Ready for
challenging missions

The options of the Totem pole outdoor F9 offer an interaction outer upper. Offering a functioning unilateral, models, F9 are designed to work in all weather conditions. It is resistant to dust, moisture, extreme heat or extreme cold.

It has characteristics of body upper with metallic surfaces completely isolated, and a tempered glass extra clear, 8 mm in front of the screen. It can also be ordered with an anti-reflective glass on request. In addition, thanks to the fans sustainable in the box, it provides a air flow effectively, preventing the damage caused by the heat to the entire electronics.

Integrated urban furniture

Models F9 outdoor Totem Enclosure, which can also be considered as an area with information or advertising at stops of public transport, will fit perfectly in other urban furniture

The casing options totem outside F9 are almost endless, the totem digital signage floor can be equipped capacity touch screen and camera systems and allows you to create interactive content and fun.

utilisation du caisson dans un abri de bus
utilisation du caisson a l'extérieur sous un grand soleil

They are also respectful of the environment

With the energy savings that they provide. Models F9 outdoor Totem, are designed with a special technology that reduces glare and reflection in the open air, fully meet your expectations with the models of natural light it provides. Designed to operate in the toughest environmentsmodels Totem outdoor F9 allow you tomaximum attention of your audience.

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43", 46", 49", 50", 55", 65", 75"


White, Black