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Philips 49BDL3005X


You have the responsibility of an airport or a conference, attracting the attention of the public with the display professional video wall Philips X-Line. Thanks to a sharp contrast and an end, the image is clear and without imperfections.

See great / versatile Display for video wall.

  • 49" (124 cm)
  • Backlight direct LED
  • Full HD
  • 450 cd/m2


Price exclusive of vat



Use, monitor and maintain with CMND & Control.

Operate your network of displays via a local connection (LAN). CMND & Control allows you to perform critical functions such as the control input and the tracking of the status screens, you are responsible for only one screen or 100.

The housing OPS allows for the integration of PC without wiring.

Integrate a PC full power or a module, CRD50 with Android directly to your screen professional Philips. The housing OPS contains all the connections needed to supply the solution is inserted, including the power supply.

FailOver ensures the permanent display of the content.

It is installed in a waiting room or meeting room, make sure that the screen can be turned off forever. Thanks to FailOver, your screen professional Philips automatically switches between the inputs, main and secondary, in order to maintain a display even when the primary source is no longer available. You simply set a list of entries of substitution to ensure that the screen remains active.

49BDL3005X Frameworks ultra-thin (3.5 mm), for images without imperfection.

Mosaic Mode : create walls of 4K video of any size.

Connect two monitors Philips professional or higher is required to create a video wall mosaic, without the use of external equipment. A single player takes care of your content, whether you have four screens or forty. The content to 4K are perfectly treated, to a resolution point-by-point optimal on four screens.

Take advantage of the processing power of Android with the module CRD50 as an option.

Integrate a processor SoC (System-on-a-Chip) for Android on your screen professional Philips. The module CRD50 option is a device OPS to take advantage of the processing power of Android without the use of cables. You just need to insert it into the slot OPS, which contains all the connections needed to run the module (including power supply).

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450 cd/m2


36 month