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Hera P25 Screen LED curtain transparent outside

Cet Écran de rideau est excellent pour l’installation extérieure d’un mur-rideau en verre. Pas besoin de structure en acier lors de l’installation, réduisant le poids de la structure en acier de 50 kg/m2, 60 % à 80 % de transparence, rendant le mur-rideau en verre plus vivant et sans affecter les vues.

Benefits :

1. Lightweight, thin and transparent

2. The rate of transparency up to 63%

3. Strong adaptability 4. Low power consumption

5. Repairable front and rear

6. High-cost, without support structure

7. Connect and disconnect quickly the power cable and the signal cable Application: curtain wall glass exterior top, wall exterior, exhibition hall, airport, park-like landscape, etc

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Structure Design

Specifications Écran de rideau


Products series C-Wind 25
Pixel Pitch 25mm
Module size 1500*125mm
Driving way Static
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Cabinet Weight 8kg/Cabinet
Cabinet size 1500*500mm
Brightness ≥7000 nit
Color temperature 3200~9300 K
view angel H:90°, V:55°
Maximum power 270W/㎡
Average power 90W/㎡
Refresh frequency 3840HZ
Gray grade 14bit
Working temperature -40℃~50℃
Protection grade Front/Back:IP65/IP65