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Hephaestus P10.41 Screen color SMD transparent outside

Advertising Solutions LED transparent exterior

Benefits :

1. Lightweight : the weight is only 7.5 kg/piece, easy to install and maintain, without the need for reinforcement of the support structure, and high efficiency.

2. High transparency : 58 % transparency, transforming the glass screen in a video wall to be realistic, without affecting the external vision.

3. All-time : resistant to various working conditions such as low temperature, high temperature, humidity, etc

4. Low energy consumption: the use of LED lights high brightness emission, positive, power function, PFC, high conversion efficiency, energy saving on the big screen more than 50%.

5. Maintenance front and rear : dramatically enhances the adaptability of the product to the installation conditions on site.

6. No steel structure: use directly the steel structure of the curtain wall glass, which can reduce the weight of the steel structure of approximately 50 kg per square meter. Application: Mainly used in shopping malls, terminals, buildings, cars, exhibition halls, curtain wall glass office buildings, and other occasions requiring high illumination.

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Ultra-light and end

Wardrobe pressure die-cast aluminium, transparent structure, the weight is only 7.5 kg/piece, the thickness is 80 mm

Transparence extérieur ultra-élevée

58% transparency, significantly reduces the wind resistance, better cooling effect, without affecting the external vision

Maintenance front and rear

Quick and easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, it is enough to replace a single light bar

Product details

SMD LED, pin positioning, quick lock, handle, power adapter, plug aviation waterproof

Specifications transparent extérieur


Product SMD Transparent full color LED screen
Pixel pitch 10.41 mm
Permeability 58%
Module size 500*250mm
Pixel color 1R1G1B
LED Pixel SMD2727
Working voltage DC4.6~5V
Cabinet Material Die-cast aluminum
Cabinet Weight 7.5 kg
Cabinet size 1000*500*80mm
Density 9216 Dots/㎡
White balance 4500 CD/㎡
 Color temperature 6500-8000K
View angel H:120°;V:120°
Maximum power/㎡ ≤800W/㎡
Average power/㎡ ≤260W/㎡
Frame frequency 60Hz
Refresh frequency 3840Hz
Gray grade 14bit
Working temperature -20~50℃
Protection grade IP65