Creative Display Technologies

VWM2157 wall mounting Bracket , modular, 2 × 1 screen 50 " -57 "


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Designed to fit 2 screens 50" -57"
  • The screens can be tilted 11°
  • Aluminum Construction durable
  • Patented system for adjusting the level of ramp
  • Range of mounting universal compatible with VESA-standard
  • Possibility of easy extension with new modules

VWM2157 is a wall mount panel menu hardy and made with precision to two screens 50 " -57 mounted in landscape orientation.

The mount is designed for an expansion quick and easy video wall. Thanks to the modular concept, no matter what configuration of the video wall can be arranged.

The system of micro-adjustment allows to adjust very precisely the position of the screen and to adapt it to other monitors.

The cable routing system lets you conceal the cables, ensuring an aesthetic appearance. VWM2157 is perfect for public spaces and restaurants, wherever there is a need for frequent changes of disposition and dynamic communication with the public.

Additional information

Bracket position



50" → 57"

Socket Type

wall bracket