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VWFX95-P Support a video wall fixed to 70"-95", portrait


  • Le support est conçu pour le montage de murs vidéo
  • Le réglage indépendant à 8 positions permet un alignement précis de l’écran sans avoir besoin d’outils
  • Les trous de montage et l’espacement soigneusement sélectionné éliminent le besoin de calculs sur site
  • Un cadenas antivol augmente la sécurité des installations dans les lieux publics
  • La structure modulaire permet l’installation de murs vidéo dans n’importe quelle configuration
  • Compatible avec les produits VWPOP et VWFS

Price exclusive of vat


VWFX95-P is designed for quick and easy installation of video walls with large screens 70"-95" configuration-portrait. The micro-adjustment, alignment, smooth screens without the use of tools. The spacers dedicated eliminate the need to carry out calculations and measurements at the installation site.

Unlike products that are compatible VWPOP95-P and VWFS95-P, it has no mechanism retractable and is often used to install screens on the external sides, more accessible, video walls where the function retractable is not necessary. The open design of the VWFX95-P as well as full access to the wiring and the cable ties provide easy access for installation and maintenance safety.

The VWFX95-P is equipped with a lock against the uncontrolled opening of the structure, ensuring comfort of use and installation security in public places.


Product Dimensions L : 882,5 mm P : 100 mm H : 670 mm(L : 34,74 P : 3,94″ H : 26,38″)
Product weight 24,2 kg (53 livres)
Max. distance from the mounting surface 100 mm (3,94 pouces)
Minimum Distance from the mounting surface 100 mm (3,94 pouces)
Distance between the bolts securing the unit 630 mm x 606 mm
The minimum distance between the bolts of the mounting of the device 50 mm x 85 mm


Additional information

Bracket position



70" → 95"

Socket Type

wall bracket