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LS550WH Projector, high-brightness LED


LED projector WXGA high-brightness short throw

  • LED technology of the 3rd generation, with a life span of 30,000 hours
  • 3 000 LED Lumens providing bright images in any environment
  • On/off instant for effective use
  • At 0.49 throw ratio short for minimal use of space.
  • 360° Projection and correction horizontal/vertical for easy installation
  • LAN connectivity extended to allow a better management of the network



Price exclusive of vat



The LS550WH is the first projector short-throw WXGA high-brightness without lamp ViewSonic for business and education. 

Built with LED technology an advanced 3rd generation, the LS550WH provides 2 000 lumens LED and eliminates the frequent replacement of the lamp and the mercury is toxic to the environment safer and greener, offering a lifetime phenomenal 30 000 hours, less energy consumption, color realistic with 125 % Rec.709 and the ability to power on/off instant for efficient use. 

The objective of short focal length 0.49 provides a 100 " screen just 1,06 m away, offering a space efficiency and exceptional releasing the presenters of the lights blinding. 

The installation and configuration are hassle-free with a projection angle tilt at 360°, H/V-Keystone and tuning capabilities to the 4 corners, while its control LAN full makes it easy to manage multiple devices and is compatible with Crestron, AMX, Extron,

LED technology ecological

LED technology of the second generation of, at the forefront of the industry, eliminates the toxic mercury as well as the costs and efforts related to the frequent replacement of lamps. It offers a impressive brightness and constant up to 30 000 hours.

Lamp-free, mercury-free, maintenance-free

Better energy efficiency

Thanks to LED technology, which can save more energy than traditional lights and laser light sources, the LS500WH consumes nearly 50 % less energy the projectors lamp competitors.

Energy saving

On/off instant and effective

Eliminate the wait time before and after operation, with the function of on/off instant, which offers a maximum brightness of immediate quickstarts, without a cooling-off period.

Technology Cinema SuperColor+™

Impress your audience with the asus-exclusive Cinema SuperColor+™, ViewSonic and its coverage of 125% of the color gamut Rec.709 for vibrant colours and true-to-nature.

Instant start

Finished latencies at startup and when the power is turned off. Enjoy immediately, a bright image, no period of heating or cooling.

Brightness improved for both the workplace and educational environments

Thanks to its LED technology of the latest generation producing 3 000 lumens LED, the LS550WH ratoon all limits by providing an image bright and clear, even in well-lit environments.

3 000 lumens LED

A great display for a small space

The projection of short-range 0.49 of the LS550WH, you get a screen of 100 inches at a distance of only to 1.06 m when you position the projector. The presenters will remain away from the beam of the projector, eliminating the glare of the eyes and the shadows on the projection screen..


Adjusting the image without effort

The correction horizontal/vertical combined with the adjustment of the corners can eliminate bent or warped images for a picture that's perfectly proportioned each and every time.


360° Projection for multi-purpose use

The projector can be rotated freely at any angle vertical to give free rein to your creativity.Projection on the ceiling, walls, or the ground : it is the ideal ally for all your installations.

Centralized control for effective management

This projector is equipped with Crestron, AMX, Extron and ViewSonic vController, a network manager is versatile and simple to use.

Complete control of the local network

A simpler way to update the software of the projector

A simpler way to update the software of the projector.
For more information:
*You can find the latest version of the software, from the date of its output, at the bottom of this page.


Power supply USB type-A

USB output 5V/2A power the key HDMI wireless. Need a power supply to project content.


Housing standards IP5X

Press and hold the image quality is crystal clear and the service life of your projector, thanks to its housing standards IP5X protect its internal components from dust.


Dimensions and I/O ports

  1. Keyboard
  2. Power button
  3. IS before
  4. Lens
  5. LED indicator
  6. Ring for zoom/focus
  7. Audio input
  8. Audio output
  9. Monitor output
  10. RS-232
  11. Computer input
  12. HDMI
  13. USB type-A
    (5 V/2 A, interview)
  • Specifications
    Native resolution: 1280×800
    Type of DMD: DC3
    Brightness: 3000 (LED Lumens)
    Contrast ratio: 3000000:1
    Screen color: 1.07 billion colors
    Type of light source: LED
    Duration of light source life (hours) normal mode: 30000
    Lamp power: RGB LED
    Objective: F=2.6, f=6.9 mm
    Offset projection: 110%+/-5%
    Throw ratio: 0.49
    Optical Zoom: Fixed
    Digital Zoom: 0.8 x-2.0 x
    Image size: 60"-300"
    Projection Distance: 0.63 m-1.58 m
    (87"@0.92 m)
    Keystone: H:+/-40°, V:+36°/-40°
    Audible noise (Normal): 30dB
    Audible noise (Eco): 26dB
    Input offset: 16ms
    Support resolution: VGA(640 x 480) to FullHD(1920 x 1080)
    Compatibility HDTV: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    Video compatibility: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
    Horizontal frequency: 15K-102KHz
    Vertical scanning frequency: 23-120Hz
    Camera:interactive: In option (vTouch-10s)
  • Input
    HDMI: 1
    (HDMI 1.4/ HDCP 1.4)
    Audio input (3.5 mm): 1
  • Output
    Audio output (3.5 mm): 1
    Speaker: 2W
    USB Type A (Power supply): 1 (5V/2A)

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